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Over the past 15 years we have traveled as far as Helena, Montana to the north, Olympia, Washington to the west, Denver, Colorado to the east, and Mesa, Arizona to the south, to serve our clients. Obviously, an added fee is needed for travel to the further areas, but when our clients need our expertise we are willing to travel to fulfill their needs.

LOCAL AREA - Utah and Salt Lake Counties - There are no added fees for travel to these counties.

EXTENDED AREAS - Summit, Wasatch, Davis, Juab, & Iron Counties, as well as Evanston, Wyoming - We bill for travel at $1.00 per mile for these extended areas. This includes gas, vehicle, and inspector seat time while driving.

MAJOR TRAVEL AREAS - When major travel is needed, then we bill for travel expenses including all travel expenses, lodging, food, as well as an appropriate inspection fee to account for the time commitment to complete the inspection.

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