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NOTICE: MLC Inspections, Inc. does not perform Meth decontaminations. We perform sample testing only! We are a neutral third party with no vested interest in the outcome of the sampling.

The decontamination process is both expensive and filled with warnings and disclaimers by those that perform the service. I will be sharing many strong opinions regarding the clean-up process, but for now I want it to be known that there are approved clean-up firms out there causing more damage during the decontamination process than is necessary. I recently visited a home where the clean-up was about $11,000.00 and they left the home with another $15,000.00 in damages from their clean-up. This does not have to be the case. You need to ask questions during your interview process of the prospective firms. Ask about the chemicals, the fumes, the oxidation, the rust, the damage to wall finishes and anything metal, the cleaning of ductwork, the damage to all metal electrical connections, the damage to furnace combustion chambers. The need to replace every door, door hinge, door hardware, and light fixtures.

WARNING: There are decontamination firms out there leaving a wake of destruction while decontaminating the home.

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