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This page is devoted to links related to databases that list homes in Utah that have been identified as meth contaminated. If you find other database information for cities and counties in Utah, then please pass them along and I will share them, giving you full credit for your contribution.


DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY NATIONAL MAP - Take a look at the U.S. map with meth lab busts from 1999 to 2006.
SALT LAKE COUNTY - I found a current contaminated list for the Slat Lake Valley listed on the Salt Lake Valley helth Department website. The only homes listed are those that are currently identified as contaminated, yet not cleaned up. When a home is decontaminated and cleared by the Health Department, then it is removed from the list.


UTAH COUNTY - I searched everywhere I could think of on the Utah County website and yielded no list similar to that for Salt Lake County. But as I searched further I found a private website that allows you to enter the address of any home in Northern Utah and yield results. It is quite possible that this website is valid for all Utah properties, I just don’t know that for sure. I typed in a Sandy, Utah address that I knew was contaminated and decontaminated and it showed up on the site. I don’t see where there is a distinction between contaminated and/or decontaminated, and it may very well be that the address stays on the search database forever.

Here is a screenshot from my search...


www.TheHomeInspector.com www.TheStuccoInspector.com www.Kickout.info www.WaterEntry.com