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Michael LeavittTesting for meth is the only way to confirm whether or not there is contamination in the building. Many times there will be no visible evidences, yet high contamination levels are found. The options available for discovery are greatly determined by the amount of money the client wants to invest.
FULL METH INVESTIGATIONS - This service starts at $2,500.00 and is well beyond the needs of most clients.
METH HAZARD SCREEN SURVEY - RECOMMENDED - This is the service that is appropriate for most clients who want to balance a reasonable investment with a reasonable certainty. Fees start at $385 and increase with additional samples and larger structures. NOTE: Discounts are extended to clients that have the sampling performed at the same time as a home inspection. This discount is usually $100 and reflects the fact that we are already on site and we do not have to make a separate trip to the property.
METH SAMPLING ONLY - NOT RECOMMENDED - This bare bones service is inadequate for most clients. It involves no site survey or sampling report. The only information conveyed is the "Chain of Custody" and "Lab Report." Only those clients who are familiar with interpreting the lab results and can perform their own site assessment should contract the Meth Sampling Only service.
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